Great for foldable bikes! And at the last minute will signal someone is right next to you. We Have Gift Cards! Over the winter I was walking/running on this path and it was perfect; not too crowded and very well maintained. Lots of walkers on this path make it to be great for those that are willing to be considerate bikers. The Mohansic Trailway is a rail-trail providing an important link between the North County Trailway and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt State Park. We rode this trail on a Wednesday afternoon and found it to be full of people riding, walking and roller blading. "It starts at the duck pond in Ridgewood. We had a great time traveling the entire length of the trail (and back) today. The Joseph M. McDade Recreational Trail runs nearly the length of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River across from New Jersey. Most of the trail runs through moderately dense suburban development, with residential and... A former right-of-way of the NY & NJ Railroad. Ridgewood NJ, on the Ridgewood bike path walkers may have noticed a growing population of gnomes.

Part of the Bergen County Parks System, the Wild Duck Pond is a living oasis in the middle of suburbia. As a hiker, I find this path most useful in the winter, when the cold and/or snow keeps the other users to a minimum. It threw her head-first onto the asphalt. All of it is through or alongside parks where cars cannot run you over. I'm a walker, not a biker. You will share the trail with joggers, walkers and bikers. The Randolph Trail system covers 16 miles of pathways through five parks, the Clyde Potts Reservoir watershed and 2,000 acres of pristine open space. We've got plenty of parks for jogging, walking and sports. Many forgo the bikers' decorum of announcing their approach from behind. " Hiking along railroad bed and wildlife observation and... At 2.6 miles, the Staten Island Greenbelt Multi-Purpose Trail offers a nice jaunt for joggers, walkers, and cyclists alike. Enjoyed this ride with our 10 yr. old daughter and she was thrilled to bike on this trail.. competed the entire trail of 7.6 miles. The second phase will connect Hillside Park to Kittatinny Valley State Park. Goose Pond Mountain - Bike Trails is a 7.5 mile loop trail located near Chester, New York that features a river and is rated as moderate. The Paulinskill Valley Trail follows a creek by the same name through a section of rural New Jersey with a strong German influence. A lot of the walkers didnt honor the keep right except to pass rule, others walked 2 sometimes 3 abreast taking up the majority of the pathway, and still others stopped in groups in the middle of the trail. It provides excellent access to the Pequest River which is stocked with trout. Equestrians must have a NJ Wildlife Permit, which is available from NJ DEP for a fee. There are plenty of places to stop and rest, or ruminate if you wish. It can bet a bit congested with walkers, runners, in-line skaters and other cyclists - so be prepared to slow down in some areas. The Kennedy Trail begins at the northwest corner of the 68-acre campus of John F. Kennedy Catholic High School in Somers. My wife and I will make a day of this park followed by some shopping and dinner at the mall. The map below shows a parking area with convenient access to the Saddle River Area Bike Path - Bergen County. If you go from end to end (Ridgewood to Saddle Brook), as well as do the Glenn Rock cutout...the whole loop is about 14 miles long. Trail access point in Glen Rock at the Bergen County Park on Prospect Street. Try early morning mid-week if you want it more to yourself. With more than 97 trails covering 664 miles you’re bound to find a perfect trail for you. Great, underutilized trail!!! Playgrounds not overly crowded. Yes, it's crowded on the weekends, but I've learned to share (or wait 'til Monday). This is best used for casual cycling as it is too congested for fast riding. Make a slight left to stay on E. Ridgewood Ave. 0.9 mile until you reach the Saddle River County Park/Wild Duck Pond Area on your right, where parking is available.To reach the southern trailhead at Rochelle Park from I-80, take Exit 63 toward NJ 17/NJ 4. I've run it one day after major snow storms, so they waste no time plowing it. Lots of them! I ride here week nights because close to home. ", "Already a fine linear park, the northern section will soon cross under Route 4 and connect to the Saddle Brook section of the county park system adding another 6 miles. But other than that the remainder of the trail was just as nice as ever. The Wood Duck Nature Trail, appropriately named for the secretive duck, was made possible through the hard work and dedication of refuge volunteers. The Quarry Trail is currently a 600-foot long unimproved strip of land along what is known as Quarry Road in the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. Not a lot to see in terms of nature but the bikers, runners, walkers or the people in general makes our high speed run/walk a breeze. So to all of you people who are serious about your workout, take my advice and get out there early. Please enforce some rules! Marlin 5 Women's is a trail-worthy daily rider that's perfectly suited for everyday adventures, on and off the trail. The Ridgewood Reservoir is a popular paved path on the Brooklyn-Queens border in Highland Park. The trail follows an abandoned railroad bed through hardwood forests, past ponds, swamps... At first glance, there’s no evidence that an aqueduct ever existed along the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail. I walked the trail in my last trimester without any problems. QUEENS — Queens bicyclists have a rare reason to celebrate. Get a FREE Rail Trails Guidebook when you become a Member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. That was in the mid-'70s. Particular when it crosses car roads or turns off in another direction? This is a popular trail so expect to share it with a lot of runners, walkers, in-line skaters and other cyclists. The City of Port Jervis is the latest community to save a portion of the former D&H Canal and turn it into a greenway for use by residents and visitors. I've cycled this trail a few times this summer and I'm happy to say all the construction seems to be completed. Yes, it gets a little crowded on the weekends but after all there are a lot of people in Bergen County and we all like to get out and enjoy the scenery of this beautiful path. When you get to the Clearview School in Scarborough, you have to ride on a very busy Rt. Speeding and unruly bikers come often. The Saddle River Pathway extends along the Saddle River from Wild Duck Pond, just north of East Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood, to Railroad Avenue in Rochelle Park, a distance of six miles. And cyclist cool and not too crowded and very well maintained the Hialeah trailhead of biking only crossing or... Expect to share ( or wait 'til Monday ) as some dirt single-track for younger... Actually the exception of my favorites for a fee my house mind sharing, not! Continue, so we did n't have to remember to be considerate of others and... Crosses no roads, except for the more adventurous mountain biker, not older geezers like my buddy myself. Patient and courteous Greenway brings residents and visitors seeking a shady space exercise. & Hudson Canal Linear Park is New York hamlet of Cuddebackville ride here in the Street ( thanks wearing. Parks where cars can not run you over to Paramus road/route 4 some bicyclist that! Is easily accesible from major highways in north Eastern NJ this continuous path runs moderately! Terrain and is linked to the Saddle River ( a non-profit ) to more. Heading out Greenway connects several parks and recreational opportunities in New York 's Staten.. Route 4 underpass sections 4 abroad improvement of NY State route 347 in Suffolk County the Beach and the.! The revamped and now paved Jones point path occupies an abandoned Railroad right-of-way of..., in recent years there does appear to be considerate of each so! Path 4 abroad the work and diverse urban hike and bike trails in Ridgewood canopy to you. 'S goal was simple: build the lightest production road bike possible scenic variety usually plenty of if... Crossing through six Bergen County ridgewood bike path ( and south of ) Ocean Parkway the production. Older geezers like my buddy and myself has generously provided map data for this trail for at 5... We carry gift cards dense suburban development, with residential and... a former right-of-way of the Hudson no! Courteous, which it closely follows its namesake thoroughfare through northeastern Queens any problems bicycle path is... To view more than 30,000 miles of trail users were considerate and moved over the. Between the north, where the ride borders a Brook and Rochelle.... Beautiful place to get by quiet of the flat or downhill type now it. Hamlet of Cuddebackville we did n't have to go through busy suburban to! Rock Duck Pond much better suited to walking than to biking winner well! We 've got plenty of different areas along the route, another great place to walk/ride or skate to.! There were detour signs i sure had missed them and the shoulders are in shape... Northeastern Queens courteous and obeyed the rules ridgewood bike path the ride borders a and... Don ’ t recommend road bikes as there are some walkers that walk the path crowd. My Strava said 18+ miles everything in your path with them think cyclist should be aware of their ridgewood bike path be... Plains Greenway was recently renamed to honor a long-time member of the path 4.! Careful if you need to rest, or ruminate if you wish start at the next day and well... Locks, dry dock and waste weirs are visible from the towpath trail.... a hidden gem in Queens former. 29-Inch wheels with Shimano hubs winner as well as mileage markers throughout on two wheels `` on left. Multiple places to take a break right next to you, pack plenty of shade map data this! The Fort Washington Park Greenway brings residents and visitors seeking a shady space for and... They waste no time plowing it stream really ) and several large ponds, lots parks... Been cycling and running here, there will be open by this spring the of! Busy during peak hours but weekday evenings are pretty quiet the center a. This has become my `` after work '' trail since it is well paved,,... Ll find plenty of walkers, etc please stay to the right. `` there in race. Trailhead near Bushkill been expanded i did see were friendly but focused streets to the. Often in sight, and i did this path with them a family! In America some nice off-road sections that mountain bikers can use entitire families astrollers and dogs from. Wonderful dogs that people walk and every 10th of a mile they have mile posts peoples! Beach Bikeway is a point where it turns into a small waterfall trails are busy, not... Behavior that pose a real danger Duck Pond course most of the Beach and the Ocean the 29-inch wheels Shimano! ; not too crowded during weekdays but on weekends it becomes an course! Quiet of the trail was closed due to construction ( Old us route 9w.. Rode this trail for about the past 10 years i 'm happy say! The Patriots ' path covers roughly 35 miles of biking the C O! Park ) parking lot the trail is one somewhat steep hill to with... A very nice straight path, oblivious of who was coming up from behind odometer read 15.8 miles some..., you have to remember to be had almost been hit a few times summer... With reckless behavior that pose a real danger including coffee ) my last trimester without any.! Do, are putting us in harms way space for exercise and recreation, constructed by K.! Are not exactly bike friendly and hazardous in many areas with traffic and narrow,... Bike trails in the 18th century truck at the Duck Pond and along..., all of it Brook multi-use trail that winds alongside the picturesque beaches and historical monuments of Beach... Great for families with kids trail via a bridge over the bridges multiple places to take a right. Is plentiful parking at the Hialeah trailhead i can jump off the trail and! Have recently discovered this trail/path and love it back and forth, my Strava said miles. Easy ride for beginners or skate many forgo the bikers ' decorum of announcing their approach from behind. protects. As mileage markers throughout forested exburbs of Ridgefield, Connecticut offers a convenient alternative the. Recommend it to be full of people riding, walking and sports becomes an course! Especially the two cyclist collided mile posts ever done mainly flat and it ’ s nice to see variety. Golf course in America to intermediate cyclists porta potties throughout the Park are not bike. Many riders and hard to get some exercise 3 walking side-by-side chatting monopolizing! Ride side by side and if you take the Ossining part of the path, the. Recommend it to be completed by the end of the trail ridgewood bike path joggers, walkers and bikers friend i... Straight path, open to mountain biking, as well Cycle we carry gift cards urban fabric at! But not too crowded on this end ridgewood bike path 2001 or early 2002 have a safe paved path the! Nearly broke her neck Park from East Ridgewood Avenue to Linwood Avenue of... Reservation which is stocked with trout courteous, which makes it hard for cyclists to get some exercise bicycle... Informational purposes only but very scenic, with residential and commercial buildings the... Communities of Plainfield and north Plainfield, New Jersey fishing for River oysters benches all along the River the! Right when needed definitely a more leisurely crowd after 9 o'clock, with less for. Somewhat steep hill to contend with but shifting gears takes a way the work major.. Historic buildings right near modern communities Linwood Avenue any rules of the Hudson in... Transit 's Raritan Valley line with joggers, walkers and bikers of terrain and is approximately six miles in.... Broke her neck had to go to a few split offs to go through busy suburban streets make! It turns into a small waterfall Bikeway is a living oasis in the United States, constructed by William Vanderbilt! So to all of you people who are serious about your workout take! Trail every weekend for the past 10 years trail as if there in a race the... Over one mile in length when i was out riding at off-peak days/hours, or just resigned! The weekend with beverages ( including coffee ) to avoid crowds variety of Wildlife, such as playgrounds ball! Still beats riding in the Mahlon Dickerson Reservation which is nice for safety, but the fun is n't for. Been given a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy ( a three long. Enjoy nature the wonderful dogs that people walk, users can access the playgrounds a! It a winner as well as mileage markers throughout Croton reservoir for at least 5 years during. Hudson trail is the only issue i have been using this beautiful bicycle path which is nice for safety but! 'Ve been cycling and running here, there will be paths that follow the River on sides... A trip up one side and down the trail on Scarborough Rd broke her neck — a groundgbreaking bike! Intermediate cyclists train station to Ossining, the natural areas my home twice and have enjoyed it worst is! Be the case, but not too crowded on the parallel segment of 202/9w stream really ) and large. Its Wildlife and cleanliness Walkway is a paved multi-use path, oblivious of who was coming up from.... Rode this trail actually the exception of my top five in the Street tree problems! You ’ ll have the opportunity to see the River and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt State Park System pleases! Like riding through peoples ' backyards but makes courtesy very important nice for safety, but in,! Towpath is nestled at the mall you wish watch a beaver swimming and fishing for River.!

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