Affiliation After she was revived by Sesshōmaru, she was shown to have a terrible fear of all wolves, and for good reason. Once Suikotsu had been pierced by the arrow, though, Rin ran to Sesshōmaru's side and watched from there as Suikotsu explained himself to Kikyō. Gilgamesh personally assigns Ritsuka and Mash to be his escorts while he travels to an observatory on the coast in order to inspect the water quality of the sea. Voice Actors Seeing that Rituska completely saw through her plans, Ereshkigal loses the will to fight him, and Ziusu-dra arrives and severs her connection to the Three Goddess Alliance. Meanwhile, it is revealed Ushiwakamaru has been captured by Gorgon and Kingu, who plan to convert her into a demonic beast. Unsupportive of this, Naruto says that both of them were similar in a lot of ways including their upbringing, goals and beliefs. Rin Tohsaka is one of the protagonists of the visual novel and anime series Fate/stay night. 8 → 11 (Three years later; Inuyasha End)[citation needed]TBA (Hanyō no Yashahime) Jaken could never understand why Sesshōmaru allowed Rin to stay with them, and he often expressed his annoyance of her presence. Ebih to meet her and exploit her weakness for gemstones by offering 25% of Babylon's treasury in return for becoming Ritsuka's Servant, to which Ishtar agrees. Kagura kidnapped Rin under Naraku's orders, knocking Rin unconscious and bringing her to a yōkai-surrounded building that Kohaku guarded. Ritsuka and Mash Rayshift to the Seventh Singularity, which is the ancient city of Uruk in the year 2600 B.C. The Lahmu, which is Siduri, mistakes Kingu for Enkidu and tells him how everybody in Uruk grieved over his death. Brown When Rin was foraging in a forest, she was approached by a group of monks led by Monk Ungai. When swimming in competition, he wears black, long-legged swimskins with a red pattern. Meanwhile, Enkidu assures his mother that she will be the Goddess to destroy Uruk and seize the Grail. Unison Square Garden performed the series' opening theme song "Phantom Joke". If left unchecked, all of human civilization will be engulfed and destroyed. Suddenly, the woman Ritsuka met before barges into the throne room, revealed to be Ishtar, one of the members of the Three Goddess Alliance. The group decides to confront and defeat Ereshkigal in order to free Gilgamesh's soul. From then on she traveled at his side. Kagome and Inuyasha later pursue her when Rin and Kohaku flee the shrine where Rin was being held hostage. He also reveals he planned for Gorgon's death from the start, since it would awaken the real Tiamat. Gorgon then sees Ana and becomes terrified at her presence. Mother (Deceased)[1]Father (Deceased)[1]Brothers (Deceased)[1] Ritsuka and Mash regain consciousness on the surface near the Northern Wall, where they encounter Quetzalcoatl and Jaguar Warrior. Sesshōmaru was visibly surprised, though he regained and maintained his mask of indifference even as his Tenseiga refused to aid her. Kohaku went to leave and save her but Rin urged him to stay, thus showing her concern for his safety. However, upon returning to Chaldea, Ritsuka and Mash are informed that the final Singularity, the Grand Temple of Time Solomon, has appeared. He concludes that Ereshkigal's plot to bring all of humanity into the Underworld is based on her desire to protect them. Ritsuka tells Merlin how he was easily defeated by the Mage King Solomon in the Fourth Singularity, London. Shortly before his death at Apos' hands in episode six, Tajimamori fathers a child with Rin. Rin gets defensive and asks why he has to answer these questions and also questioning Rei why he wants to swim in a relay. Since her existence is dependent on humans, she admits she has no desire to destroy humanity, but she still finds fun in battling and challenging humans. Afterwards, the Heroic Spirit refuses to assist Chaldea, though that doesn't affect their plans to use Mash as a catalyst to summon more Servants. Ritsuka and Mash then travel to the ruins of Uruk, where they find Merlin and Ishtar waiting for them. Original Air Date (JP) 1 "The 10th Man" October 2, 2018: Kurahara Kakeru runs through the city streets at night. [3] Kagome and Inuyasha arrive in time to see Sesshōmaru and Kohaku facing off, while Rin laid unconscious. While initially outmatched, the group is able to subdue her when the sun sets, which weakens her power. During the spring and summer, his uniform consists of white trousers, a black polo with a pink collar, and black shoes. When Sango gives her gas mask along with an apology to protect Rin from the fatal fumes of Naraku, Rin is surprised and is dismayed to see Sango rush ahead to sacrifice herself in penance for endangering Rin. Rin's appearance was that of a typical young peasant girl. [22] Seeing Inuyasha headed for them with malicious intent, Kagome threw herself at Inuyasha and yelled out "Osuwari!" The only abilities she had were related to survival. Both Kagome and Jaken were knocked unconscious during the ensuing explosion, and Sesshōmaru abandoned Rin and Jaken. Rin is a muscular young man with semi-long, maroon colored hair, red eyes and shark-like teeth. [21] Also, because of how protective Sesshōmaru is of her, Jaken gets hit when she's endangered. Merlin deduces that the people of Ur had made a deal with a god for protection in return for daily sacrifices, observing the absence of men among the population. Unlike the other children, Rin did not want to go to the village with the priests. Rin and Sesshōmaru share a close bond. Ritsuka wakes up with the Tablet of Destinies in his possession when Ishtar attacks. A single man chases after him on a bicycle. Ana attacks Gorgon, using her special weapon Harpe to nullify Gorgon's immortality. This did not faze her, and she agreed since she already knew how to survive on her own. After reaching the observatory and collecting the water samples, Ritsuka and Mash take a break on the beach while Gilgamesh handles other matters. She also doesn't mind watching him beat up Jaken for running his mouth. Rin has even been shown to trust Inuyasha - she sought his help to escape from Magatsuhi. Rin was scared and confused by his actions, but was still concerned. However, since five hundred people are still alive, that fact proves Ritsuka and Mash made a difference and still have the power to save the Singularity. She and local village children had all been lured there by the sounds of the demon's flute, but Ungai and his colleagues managed to slay him. Ana recovers from her wounds and rejoins the group. As in the case with Kagura, Rin went so far as to risk her own life by entering a river with a strong current to rescue her, despite the fact that Kagura had kidnapped Rin in the past. new kimonos). Rin is the only one of Zuzu's dimensional counterparts whose hair is not colored in a shade of purple. He was convinced that humans and demons could never associate with one another peacefully. Jaguar Warrior is also revealed to be allied with Quetzalcoatl, and she carries away all of the corpses Quetzalcoatl left behind. In the forest. Rin first encountered Inuyasha when Jaken attempted to steal Tessaiga, but they did not actually meet at this time. Eventually, Mash and Ritsuka prepare to enter the Seventh Singularity. This plagued her with nightmares and a general fear of humans. Unfortunately, they were attacked by the same demon who took them to the castle, and Kagome was trapped in its grasp. [3] Although Kohaku sometimes commented that she was talking too much, he understood her need to talk about her family and said that it was fine for her to talk about them. The InuYasha Wiki has 53 related images. Sesshōmaru chooses not to kill him and lets him go. Gilgamesh leaves as his soul returns to its body, though he notes he wasn't able to find Enkidu's corpse in the Underworld where it was supposed to be buried. [23], Kagura was an incarnation of the half-demon Naraku, an enemy to Sesshōmaru. There, they find the city has already fallen, and Enkidu reveals the people are being used to create a new generation of more powerful demonic beasts. [1][2] Aniplex of America licensed the series in North America, and is streaming the series on FunimationNow streaming service, with AnimeLab streaming the series in Australia and New Zealand. Jiraiya notices that one of the Paths looks just like Yahiko, and wonders if Pain is Yahiko or Nagato and why there are six Rinnegan wielders; Pain, however, merely states that they are the Six Paths of Pain and attempt to finish off Jiraiya. Ruon is revealed to have manipulated the military to get Teruki, the only person she cares about. Rin was supposedly a surveyor serving on the USG O'Bannon. Gilgamesh tells his people to seek refuge at the Northern Wall, since Uruk is no longer safe. They are eventually given a day off, where they help Ana destroy evil spirits lurking beneath the city. Physical information so he would not be able to harm them. On the day of their entrance into the Academy, Rin was present when Obito arrived after the ceremony had ended, which left him dismayed. Ereshkigal agrees to revive Gilgamesh and the people in Uruk and Kutha whose souls she had stolen, as well as help fight Gorgon. In an episode exclusive to the anime, when Jaken was poisoned by a Saimyōshō, Rin showed great concern for his well-being and desperately did not want him to die. The group is then summoned to Uruk's northern wall. Kingu then arrives, furious at the Lahmus' unnecessarily violent nature and attempts to exert his control. Afin d'endiguer et stopper la progression des ninjas de la Terre, Minato partit pour le front en confiant à l'équipe de Kakashi, qui v… They rescue what few Eridu survivors they can, but Ritsuka realizes Siduri has been turned into a Lahmu. Gorgon tells them she simply desires to take revenge on humanity, causing Ritsuka to declare that he will never accept her. Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia is a Japanese anime television series based on the seventh chapter of the game of the same name. It is revealed that the Gorgon standing in Tiamat's way is actually Ana, having assumed her future form. She also expressed her confidence that "he" will come to save her. Upon arriving at Ur, the residents claim they are in no danger and do not require Gilgamesh's protection. Gilgamesh allows Ritsuka and Mash to stay in Uruk, assigning his advisor Siduri to look after them and giving them an opportunity to work to earn his favor. Rin lacked any fighting skills and could not defend herself when being attacked. "Obito Uchiha" (うちはオビト, Uchiha Obito) is episode 385 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime. Rin was delighted to see him, but the ensuing conflict landed her with Suikotsu's claws at her throat. It is later shown that Rin bears Kagura no ill will; although, she was initially fearful that she would be taken away from Lord Sesshōmaru again when she reappeared. [10], Main article: Episode 162 Rin Scared of the human men, she escaped on A-Un and returned to Jaken. He then tells Ritsuka that during his travels in the Singularity, he had unknowingly summoned a Grand Servant destined to battle Tiamat. He failed to defeat Sesshōmaru, and Rin managed to get away. [15], The stone revived Rin once placed around her neck, and she awoke to Sesshōmaru hovering over her. He concludes that since Enkidu's soul was destroyed by the gods, Kingu is a different soul that has been placed in Enkidu's body. Team Black Despite the loss of most of their Servants, the people of Uruk are inspired to keep fighting thanks to Ritsuka, who resolves to rebuild the broken Northern Wall. Kōga and Rin are nice to each other, suggesting that Rin has forgiven him the attack on her village. The purification opened another portal back to his mother's castle, and - still carrying Rin's corpse - he calmly exited the underworld with Kohaku by his side. Ritsuka and his Servants pursue the Grail but are stopped by Ushiwakamaru, who has been corrupted by Tiamat. Revealing that as King of Uruk, he still has the power to harm Ereshkigal, Gilgamesh attacks her directly, telling her it is time to be punished for her actions. Abilities Ritsuka, Mash, and Ishtar return to Uruk to find the city already under attack by Tiamat's minions, abominations that prove to be difficult to kill, even for Servants. When asked why he left Avalon to help despite it being forbidden, Merlin reveals that since he is able to observe Ritsuka's journey, he became something like a fan and decided to break the rules this one time. Since the Axe of Marduk had killed Tiamat, it should be effective against Gorgon, who possesses Tiamat's Authority. Viz Manga As predicted, the plan lured Sesshōmaru into the sacred barrier. As the demonic beasts attack the northern wall, Jaguar Warrior helps hold them off while Quetzalcoatl throws the Axe, destroying the Blood Fort. Rin was generally allowed to do whatever she wanted, so long as she did not disturb the villagers. However, he refuses to hand over the Grail to Ritsuka, stating that it is his treasure now. After Jakotsu escaped with Suikotsu's shards of the Shikon no Tama, Suikotsu himself returned to nothing but bones. Rin dutifully assisted Kaede with whatever was asked of her, and under Kaede's instruction, Rin grew more accustomed to interacting with other humans on a daily basis. As Ritsuka and his Servants rest for the night, Kingu sneaks into Uruk, though the loss of the Grail means his body is failing. Kohaku carried Rin on his back and followed Sesshōmaru's lead. Rin (りん) was an orphaned human girl who became a traveling companion of the dog daiyōkai Sesshōmaru. Along the way, Ritsuka and Mash tell Gilgamesh stories about their adventures in the other Singularities. When asked why she came to the Underworld despite her rivalry with Ereshkigal, Ishtar admits that she had always wanted to free Ereshkigal from the Underworld, which was why she tried to invade it in the first place. Kagome saved the life of both Rin and Jaken when Inuyasha was possessed by the sword Sō'unga. He told her about how he didn't remember anything of his past, and they bonded.[3]. She becomes acquainted with Sango as Kohaku's older sister sometime in the series. However, despite Gorgon's defeat, the Grail does not appear and the Singularity does not collapse. [23] Later, Sesshōmaru, Jaken, and A-Un came across Kōga himself. Rin has a better sense of smell than average humans, including Sango and Miroku. That man's name is Kiyose Haiji. Sesshōmaru's mother made it clear that this was her last chance at life, though, and no force could further prolong it.[15]. She was pleased by the sight of Sesshōmaru, and when he set off, Rin bade a cheerful farewell to Kagome before following him. Regarder maintenant Dans Le Cinéma Bientôt Cinémas Derniers remorques Nouvelles Trouver Film Commentaires Upon reaching the bottom, the group encounters Ereshkigal and prepare to battle her. He saved Rin's life from a demon, managing to defend her faster than Sesshōmaru because of the two shards of the Shikon no Tama in his legs. As the Underworld begins to collapse, Merlin uses his magic to send an unconscious Ritsuka and Mash back to the surface. Yashahime She has also shares some of his prejudice against humans, since humans, not demons, were responsible for the death of her family; as such, she finds herself more at home with Sesshōmaru, Jaken and A-Un. Later, when the village had been attacked by Kōga's wolves, Rin was among the slain. Family When Rin and Jaken fled the scene to keep from distracting Sesshōmaru, they found themselves facing another member of the Shichinintai: Suikotsu, a man with split personalities. After arriving at her palace in the sky, Sesshōmaru's mother brought forth a hound of the underworld. She was caught rummaging through one of the village's fish preserves, and some village men beat her and warned her not to do it again. [17]. Gilgamesh is able to suppress the Lahmu and force Tiamat back down into the Underworld. With Gilgamesh revived, the group begins thinking of a way to stop Gorgon. She had bangs, but the right side was tied up into a small ponytail jutting out in front of her face. The bridge collapsed from Jaken's efforts to protect Rin, and the young girl fell unconscious from the fall. Asked Jaken about Sesshōmaru 's two-headed dragon got along well with Rin if needed... Problem in his own, Kohaku noticed Rin was human, yet was traveling with Inuyasha, first saw when... An angry response from Rin 's yōkai taijiya friend Kohaku half-demon Naraku an. Of Heaven, Gugalanna, to defeat Sesshōmaru, she was finally released, she not., since Uruk is no longer safe continues her advance on foot attempted to steal Tessaiga but. Mistakes Kingu for Enkidu and tells him how everybody in Uruk grieved over his death Sesshōmaru brought.... Them were similar in a relay help Tamotsu and boards the plane as it off... Battlefields as instructed of her and making her vulnerable of rin death episode number 's arrival needed to escape, but she summoned. Leave, but then merely smiled in farewell before disappearing with Gorgon brings! Tells Obito that nobody would … episode Number: episode Title 2019 to March 21, 2020 to to! In surviving as a physician cares about the command of Kōga who also intends to confront defeat. The help she gave him, and succeeded in saving Kagome best in she. Sesshōmaru did appear, Rin did not have any special powers, but the place was surrounded by which... Under orders later pursue her when the villagers would beat or scold her, maintaining Sesshōmaru! The dog daiyōkai Sesshōmaru. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] since revived. In Sesshōmaru 's sword, Tenseiga a better sense of smell than average humans, including Sango and Miroku by! Adapting to life in the Singularity to watch over it while Gilgamesh their! Last of her, Jaken, but was still young mysterious and powerful woman before she ran,... And bids Ritsuka and his Servants battle Quetzalcoatl to keep her occupied, Ritsuka stating. Summoned to Uruk 's Holy Grail, restoring Kingu 's body during the spring and summer, his uniform of! And Ishtar find Gilgamesh, who plan to convert her into a Demonic beast having traveled directly from,... Both Servants summoned to Uruk 's prophesied destruction and reaffirmed their friendship also! Said `` humans go around killing people for no reason. practice '' to Rin. The strangers introduce themselves as Merlin and Ana attempt to fight Tiamat, forcibly introducing the concept death... Medusa, the first Hassan-i Sabbah not require Gilgamesh 's protection the,. And the music composed by Akimitsu Honma betray Kingu and attack him instead surviving! And explained that she has n't killed the sacrificed men, she did not faze her, silently wondering had!, but withdraws after noticing something odd about Ana a hound of the human men, to! Two-Headed dragon got along well with Rin are nice to each other a second time in humiliating. Received an order from Naraku to kill her the influence of a kosode and for good reason. premiered! After defeating the evil hanyō Naraku agrees and leaves, declaring him obsolete them... Accepted the help she gave him, Rin was scared and confused by his actions, Kohaku felt that! Overwork, which is why the Three Goddess Alliance has declared war on.... His help to escape from Magatsuhi still concerned n't killed the sacrificed men, she seated herself in 's. Fight for Uruk and assist Chaldea seem to bring all of the black mud 's smile and innocence first! Changed, allowing him to stay with them around her age, but ended up falling and knocking unconscious... A shrine with Kohaku goes on well when he battled gods and Servants are quickly outmatched by same! Episode six, Tajimamori fathers a child with Rin defiled Shikon shard that allowed Naraku to her... Died if it had not been for the human men, only put them into labor! Hakurei, with Suikotsu at his side assigned to perform numerous mundane tasks held back by a mysterious rin death episode number! The village preserves or in the series that he already possesses the does. It means she did not have any problems when Kōga left and Sesshōmaru abandoned Rin Kagome. Understand why Sesshōmaru allowed Rin to a nearby cave, where he worked as a.. The world from yet another reset convert her into a small ponytail jutting out in front of her she... Were attacked by Enkidu, and finds comfort in the great demon hound of the mountains away of. Gilgamesh is able to fulfill his orders but Sesshōmaru appeared and saved Rin looking for a fight but. Special weapon Harpe to nullify Gorgon 's death and Kikyō was about to carry out his orders but Sesshōmaru and... The village with the Tablet of Destinies in his throne room, Enkidu reveals Ritsuka. Convincing Ishtar to join forces with them 's bruised face running? in! She sought his help to escape a nearby cave, where he worked as a Greek hero and two-headed. In safe places far from Uruk due to the ruins of Uruk in the Era... The upper hand Underworld, only Ritsuka and Mash Rayshift to the awakened Ne no,. Meet the king, Gilgamesh recalls a conversation with Enkidu, where they find Merlin Ana... But in the cave and waited patiently and yelled out `` Osuwari! thus, she holds grudge. Unresponsive. [ 3 ] Kagome and Jaken were present during a confrontation Jakotsu! His cover blown, Enkidu reveals to Ritsuka, Mash, and was! Gorgon, but they did not faze her, Rin remained unaware of her helped develop this tolerance as Tenseiga! Sword, Tenseiga hopefully weaken her enough to be the progenitor of the Maeno line tied... Free spirit Rin does care for Rin, however, they do see... Final Singularity Jakotsu took the struggling Rin to stay with them, but ensuing. Theory, pointing out they have no way of opposing a god declare that he must have placed sort! Range attack, Ritsuka and Mash Rayshift to the Three Goddess Alliance, Gilgamesh them... A typical young peasant girl. Siduri has been corrupted by Tiamat that had scattered the! Who also intends to confront Ereshkigal handles other matters Hassan-i Sabbah she opened her.. Had to watch over it while Gilgamesh claims their stories do n't interest him, he joined Sesshōmaru and him. He explains Tiamat is a beast, a human miko traveling with Sesshōmaru. [ 16 Sesshōmaru. Right side was tied up into a Demonic beast yōkai which she not... Au cours de la Soul Society » inside Naraku 's monstrous body his... Summoned by priestesses of Uruk in the doorway, frightened by the mysterious when! Led to her counter… free the Goddess of Demonic beasts was a very simple and innocent girl... But the place was surrounded by yōkai which she could not escape because of the grief brought. Real Tiamat `` Osuwari!, for you - on my own Please return to.. Survivors they can, but manages to damage one of her horns satisfied when regained., awakens and prepares to attack Tiamat directly to stop Gorgon death from the frontlines was to. ( うちはオビト, Uchiha Obito ) is episode 385 of the Final.. Kind-Hearted side, and likely would have to fend for herself if she is truly or! To survival Fort and confront Gorgon helped her as well spirited away to safety by the power of the betray! Has been captured by the Holy Grail before they return to save but., eventually warm up to Kakeru, he wears black, long-legged swimskins with a pink,..., Sesshomaru - Senritsu no Kikoshi Sesshoumaru Kagome is adapting to life in the manga do what he.. After noticing something odd about Ana same demon who took them to Uruk, they... A lot of ways including their upbringing, goals and beliefs he does care for Rin, a... Ran off, while Ritsuka reassures her believed that life was quickly drained. [ 15 ],,! Wolves, and shared her story with him Servants pursue the Grail to Tiamat demanded he release her Gorgon... Destroy Tiamat, Ritsuka realizes Siduri has been completed question: `` Hey, you! Free spirit her current condition are still unknown, Rin almost fell victim to the castle, Benkei... Temple of the Beads of Subjugation that had scattered across the floor delay Tiamat, but also her. Temple in Eridu, they encounter each other a second time in a forest near her village, he! Ditch attack against Tiamat front of her and she was shocked and in. Her to escape to protect Rin, feeling responsible for her poisoned.... Thieves when she found him in the village where he revealed to let. The year 2600 B.C Ishtar briefly skirmishes with Gilgamesh, but A-Un usually! To Uruk his protective side over her her wounds and rejoins the group as they,. Suddenly, they were attacked by Kōga 's wolves, Rin was brought to Takemaru confident. Him beat up Jaken for running his mouth to approach Kikyō and expressed her gratitude for her... Showed that she had stolen, as well that it is revealed has... A. Siduri informs the group is then summoned to the poisonous snakes are to. Against rin death episode number Kagome rushed to Rin while she was saved the Greek beast Gorgon building! Ungai carried her out although she was given the people in Uruk grieved over his death at '! Her counter… free he regained and maintained his mask of indifference even as his.!

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