By default, WordPress does not support shortcodes within Sidebar Widgets until 4.9. They are displayed inside square brackets like this: [myshortcode] To better understand shortcodes, lets take a look at the background of why they were added in the first place. Think of a shortcode as a shortcut to add features to your website that would normally require lots of complicated computer code and technical ability. A shortcode lets you do nifty things with very little effort. It only expands the shortcodes within the content of a Post, Page, or custom post type. A shortcode is written inside two square brackets. The form shortcode can be used anywhere within WordPress where shortcodes are supported. I am using an Advanced Custom Fields “Group” to create an Address custom field. Shortcodes in WordPress are code shortcuts that help you add dynamic content in WordPress posts, pages, and sidebar widgets.

The Gravity Forms form shortcode is the primary method used to display a Gravity Form on your site. Shortcodes. For example, the [gallery] shortcode can be used to add a photo gallery of images to any page or post. Activate the jonradio Shortcodes Anywhere or Everywhere plugin through the Installed Plugins Admin panel in WordPress.

If you have a WordPress Network (“Multisite”), you can either Network Activate this plugin through the Installed Plugins Network Admin panel, or Activate it individually on the sites where you wish to use it.

WordPress shortcodes allow users to perform certain actions as well as display predefined items within WordPress pages and posts. Try copying the following snippet in your child theme's functions.php. Regarding %cf_custom_field_name% that’s somewhat unusable for my use case. function post_title_shortcode(){ return get_the_title(); } add_shortcode('post_title','post_title_shortcode'); Use [post_title] shortcode to display the title … Top ↑ More Information # More Information. Shortcodes in Widgets. You can create a shortcode to fetch the title of current page. If there are no shortcode tags defined, then the content will be returned without any filtering. The shortcode isn’t working within the title or the description areas, even with that one option enabled. To add shortcode support to sidebar widgets, you can install a plugin, use the below code, or review Widget Improvements in 4.9: This might cause issues if a plugin is disabled as its shortcode will still show up in the post or content.