man scp -p Preserves modification times, access times, and modes from the … atime, mtime は utime(2) で変更できますが、 ctime を変更する user interface はありません。 > touch -t 8907140000 bastille > というように-tオプションをつけて変更すると > ctimeは変更されないようです。 今天需要使用find命令来查找一些文件,需要找到15天前创建的文件。究竟该用哪个参数呢,ctime,mtime还是atime? 那就再来复习一下这三个参数具体的意义吧。 不过,在谈论这三个参数之前,你得先了解inode(索引节点)的概念,不然是说不清的。inode是干嘛用的? atime, ctime, mtimeとは? † atime, ctime, mtimeについて以下に記します。 atime access time (アクセスした日時) ctime change time (ステータス変更を行った日時) mtime modify time (データ変更を行った日 … A common misunderstanding is ‘ctime is file creation time’, but this is not true. 除了可以通过stat来查看文件的mtime,ctime,atime等属性,也可以通过ls命令来查看,具体如下: ls -lc filename 列出文件的 ctime (最后更改时间) ls -lu filename 列出文件的 atime(最后存取时间) ls -l filename 列出文件的 mtime (最后修改时间) A often heard question is "What is the ctime, mtime and atime?

ctime. As this example, # stat arabapak.txt File: `arabapak.txt' Size: 42905 Blocks: 96 IO Block: 32768 regular file Device: 23h/35d Inode: 11653804 Links: 1 Access: (0777/-rwxrwxrwx) Uid: ( 3108/ oraara) Gid: ( 201/ dba) Access: 2013-02-18 08:28:38.428104000 +0100 Modify: 2013-02-01 … The modification time is what ls -l reports by default. -amin, -atime, -cmin, -ctime, -mmin, -mtime において、今日 (すなわち 0 日前) の始まりを今現在から 24 時間前ではなく、コマンド実行当日の 0 時にする。このオプションが影響を及ぼすのは、コマンドラインで自分より後に指定された判別式だけである。

Quoting the os.stat() function documentation:.

Command line , Linux , Operating systems , OS X Tagged atime , ctime , files , filesystem , linux , mtime , osx , unix ← A git cheat sheet to get you started ctime. Modification Time (mtime) This denotes when the content of the file was most recently changed. Most people seem to understand atime (access time), it is when the file was last read.

Description. The returned string has the following format: Www Mmm dd hh:mm:ss yyyy, where Www is the weekday, Mmm the month in letters, dd the day of the month, hh:mm:ss the time, and yyyy the year. Change time (ctime) This marks when a file's metadata was changed, such as permissions or ownership. Someday you may have a situation when you would like to fake a timestamps of some file.. atime and mtime timestamps can be easily changed using touch command, but there is no a standard way to set a different ctime timestamp.. As a possible workaround you can set the system time to the ctime you … 若使用 scp 把文件拷贝到其他机器,mtime, atime, ctime 默认情况下会随之改变,若不想改变,可以在 scp 命令后加上 -p 参数. 리눅스 mtime (modification time, 수정 시간) 파일의 내용이 수정될 때 mtime 시간이 변합니다. Ctime is change time of file stats such as ownership, what permissions it has etc. A common misunderstanding is ‘ctime is file creation time’, but this is not true. For a file that is modified today, use either -mtime 0 or -mtime -1 (same for -ctime). ls -l. ls 명령으로 출력되는 값은 기본적으로 mtime 입니다. The below mentioned 3 times is all we have in unix. For example, on Windows systems using the FAT or FAT32 file systems, st_mtime has 2-second resolution, and st_atime has only 1-day resolution. man scp -p Preserves modification times, access times, and … mtime, atime, and ctime are timestamps associated with the modification, access and change of any file in unix. ctime is the inode change time while mtime is the file modification time. File created time is not tracked anywhere in unix, so you can’t really determine it.

ctime means inode/file change time. Mtime will update both atime and ctime. ctime means inode/file change time.

There’s a very simple way to update either atime or mtime for a given file, or even both at the same time: you should use the touch command. 今天需要使用find命令来查找一些文件,需要找到15天前创建的文件。究竟该用哪个参数呢,ctime,mtime还是atime? 那就再来复习一下这三个参数具体的意义吧。 不过,在谈论这三个参数之前,你得先了解inode(索引节点)的概念,不然是说不清的。inode是干嘛用的?

보통 mtime이 변경되면 ctime, atime 값이 모두 변경됩니다. ctime is the inode change time while mtime is the file modification time.